Monday, February 6, 2017

Kurama Mountain

We visited Kurama (located northern Kyoto) last Sunday.
This is Kurama station.
When we got off the train,the air was so chilly.
This is famous Kurama Tengu.
It seems that he injured his nose.
I heard that his long nose was broken under the weight of the snow..
Now he has plaster on his nose. It is funny :)
There was so tasteful house (or inn) along the stairs.
This is the entrance of the Kuramadera Temple.
We had to take a cable car to visit the main shrine,
because it was located at the upper mountain.

Finally we reached the main shrine.
Unexpectedly there was still unmelted snow there.
It was so tasteful scene.
We decided to walk down the stairs,not using cable car.
It needed caution,because the stairs were so wet and slippery
On the way,we found the nice shrine covered with snow.
Afterwards,we learned it was Yuki Shrine.
Snowy Kurama is so tasteful,
and we will come back again to see beautiful autumn color of Kurama Mountain.
Thank you for reading this post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tofuku-ji early winter sceneries in 2016 ②

 I think it is our last chance in this year to see colored leaves in Tofuku-ji,
Soon these autumn scenes will fade away,and it will become winter-like scenery.
I'm happy if you enjoy seeing these sceneries.
I found nice pottery shop near Tofuku-ji.
1st floor is pottery shop,and downstairs is cafe restaurant.
I ordered pear tart and hot matcha tea.
I like this maple yunomi cup very much. 
What do you think? 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Autumn scenery of Tofuku-ji Temple,Kyoto 2016 December

Last Sunday,I visited Tofuku-ji Temple,Kyoto.
First, I thought that autumn leaves might already be over there,I missed the time,
but it was all in my mind.
Fortunately they showed us beautiful colored lealves,even now.
If you 're planning to visit Kyoto in autumn, (from the end of November to the beginning of Descember),
Tofuku-ji Temple is must-see place.
The beauty of the garden deserves a special mention.
This garden is called "Ikimatsu-no-niwa" (依稀松の庭)
 It is named "kusen-hakkai no niwa" (nine mountains,eight seas garden) (九山八海の庭).
Eight seas and nine mountains surrounds Mt.Sumeru.
Please look at the stone,center of this garden,
it symbolizes Mt.Sumenu.It is related to Buddhism.
There was a little park of maple trees,
I was glad to be there! It was so beautiful.

The name of this temple is Aizen-do.
It was built about 700 years ago.(Nanboku-cho era)
It enshrines Aizen-myouou (ragaraja).
Next time I'll apload the remaining photos.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sanada Museum in Kudoyama,Wakayama prefecture

I visited Kudoyama in Wakayama yesterday.
This is the place where Sanada Masayuki and his son stayed (1600 - 1614 approx).
And In March,this year,Sanada Memorial Museum was built here in Kudoyama,
in order to celebrate the achievement of Sanada family.
Autumn leaves were colored beautifully.
This is Sanada Museum in Kudoyama,Wakayama prefecture,
crowded with many sightseers.
This museum ties up with drama "Sanada-maru".It contributes to the increase of sightseers in Kudoyama town.
These explanations and maps are very helpful for us to learn about this Sengoku era.
This is red armor suits of Sanada family.
 Here in Kudoyama,every souvenirs,even beers,seem to take advantage of the popular Sanada boom.
This is Kirin Beer,Sanada version. We'll enjoy it afterwards.